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—  1995  —

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The book "the Study of ceremonial daggers and swords of the third Reich" (eng. Exploring the dress daggers and swords) in 4 volumes in English. One of the most popular publications on the German front melee weapons, written by a recognized expert in this field Thomas Whitman (eng. Thomas T. Wittmann). The first volume - daggers and swords of the land forces of the Wehrmacht, The second volume - daggers and swords of the Luftwaffe and the air force Association, The third volume - daggers and swords of the Navy Kriegsmarine, Fourth - Dirks and broadswords Troops - SS and SA storm troopers. All four volumes wonderfully illustrated, contain a large amount of useful factual material, which will protect against modern fakes and will open a lot of useful facts collecting. Hardcover in the dust jacket. Format 26 x 18,5 cm

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