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Palash cuirassier soldier arr. 1826, Russian Empire

—  1831 г.  —

$ 6,250,-
Лот 75636

Blade steel single edge straight, with two wide valleys. On the butt of a blade distinguishable mark of the manufacturer - "Chrysostom February 1831". The hilt consists of a handle and brass guard. The wooden handle is covered with leather and wrapped with transverse grooves twisted brass wire. at the bottom of the handle is a brass bushing in the upper part of figure brass bushing with a convex head on top. Garda consists of a front bow, branching out from her three lateral arches and narrow cups, which are connected curved side of the temple. On the front shackle has a check mark. The steel scabbard with two nuts with rings and Shoe. The nut and the Shoe is well distinguishable numbered stamp. Good preservation. Overall length: 115 cm Blade length: 98 cm The original.

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