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Gifts for womens

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Silver cigarette case "elephant" with a dedication signed by doctors
1915-1916 гг., Российская Империя

$ 1,625,-
Icon "The Lord Almighty" in a silver frame, con. XIX-early. XX centuries., Russian Empire
кон. XIX- нач. XX вв., Российская Империя

$ 1,700,-
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Silver teapot with ivory handle, work jewelry workshop K. Faberge, Russian Empire
кон. XIX - нач. XX века, Российская Империя

Not available
Icon "The image of the Vladimir Mother of God" in a silver frame, in 1820, the Russian Empire
1820 г., Российская Империя

Not available
Watch or coach-yacht "Zeiger" - "Priz race squadron Pacific", the Russian Empire
20 сентября 1893 г., Российская Империя

Not available
Jewelry Box, Russia

Not available