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Antique porcelain

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Высокая оценка

Эксперты нашей компании дадут разумную оценку вашего антиквариата. Пожалуйста, заполните онлайн-форму расположенную ниже: прикрепите фото и опишите ваше предложение.
Также, можно отправить фото на наш емэйл или Whatsup.

Выкуп в день обращения

Если вам нужно быстро продать свои предметы коллекционирования или антиквариат, мы можем выкупить ваш предмет в день обращения.

Возможен выезд

В случае необходимости, мы проводим оценку и покупку предметов антиквариата дома, вам необходимо созвониться с нами и согласовать выезд эксперта. Просмотр предметов можно выполнить при необходимости в автомобиле. (Выезд бесплатный!)

Offer us antiques
You can send us a photo, a description of your antiques that you would like to sell or are interested in its profitable sale. We will contact you to purchase it. Also photos can be sent by WhatsApp or Viber.
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Антикварный фарфор

In Soviet times, porcelain figurines were in almost every home. They were the ones who brought diversity to the dull and one-type life, they were the main objects of decor. Today, porcelain of the USSR, as well as antique figurines produced in other countries, are in high demand among collectors.

Buying antique porcelain will allow you to profitably sell outdated, in your opinion figurines, especially if they do not fit into the interior in a modern style.

What affects the cost of porcelain

Since the material is very fragile, many figurines have chipped, loss of parts, as well as inept gluing. This greatly reduces the cost of porcelain. Therefore, if you want to sell antique china, then damaged items will not have a high price. Conversely, if the statuette is in perfect condition, then the cost increases.

It is also important for collectors to have a stamp on porcelain that indicates that the statuette belongs to a particular factory and production period. Of the Soviet porcelain products, the LFZ porcelain is most in demand. Sometimes you can find copyright signatures, which means that the figurine was released in limited edition. Its cost will be much higher.

Original Faberge eggs are equally popular. Today it is quite rare collectible items that are very in demand among fans of the talent of the famous jeweler. Eggs have a different value depending on the rarity, year of release, author, painting and decor using gold, silver and precious stones. Today, you can sell a Faberge egg at a very high price, because there are not so many items in perfect condition, and they have great collectible value.

Buying antique porcelain and Faberge eggs will allow you to profitably sell items that are valuable to collectors.


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