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В случае необходимости, мы проводим оценку и покупку предметов антиквариата дома, вам необходимо созвониться с нами и согласовать выезд эксперта. Просмотр предметов можно выполнить при необходимости в автомобиле. (Выезд бесплатный!)

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You can send us a photo, a description of your antiques that you would like to sell or are interested in its profitable sale. We will contact you to purchase it. Also photos can be sent by WhatsApp or Viber.
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Военная униформа и милитария

Military antiques - a special direction in collecting. This is an old military uniform, field equipment, military items, awards and orders, banners and trophies brought from the war.

Find out the price of antique military items

Military items was left to you by inheritance or accidentally fell into your hands and does not represent family value, do you want to throw it in the bin? Wait and contact us for an assessment - these items can bring good profits to your family budget, these items can be sold very profitably.

If you have already decided to sell the items found, it is better to do this using our service - "purchase of military antiques." It is profitable to sell an old uniform, helmet, cap, dagger, saber, awards and orders by visiting our antique store. The cost depends on both the rarity and the state of conservation of items.

Original items of the XIX-XX century, the period of the Revolution and the Civil War, the times of the 1930s, the times of the Great Patriotic War — officer daggers, sabers, Cossack drafts, St. George crosses, award badges, and military clothes in good condition are in high demand. More valuable are handmade items, inscribed with engraving or decorated with dedicatory inscriptions.

Our store is engaged in the purchase of military items and other types of antiques in order to replenish personal, private or museum collections with genuine samples of military antiques. Before deciding to sell your rarities, you can always get preliminary advice from our expert by phone or the Internet, find out the cost and other information that interests you.

We are interested in: old uniforms, field equipment, steel helmets, caps, budenovki, insignia (stripes, buttonholes, cockades, accessories), banners, trophies and military regalia. We are especially interested in the items of the Life Guard, Cossack troops, the Cheka, the OGPU, the NKVD, the KGB, the Police, the air tank troops of the Red Army, the Wehrmacht, the SS-Troops and other organizations.


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