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Main auto-armored Department of the red army.
Military publishing house of the People's Commissariat of defense, 1943.

The contents of the book:
I. General arrangement

II. Quick combat and technical characteristics
Armored hull and turret of the tank

Twin installation of a gun and a machine gun
Operating instructions for the twin gun and machine gun installation

V. Engine
Supply system
Lubrication system
Cooling system
Ignition system
Starting system
Charater engine failures, their causes and solutions

VI. Transmission
The main clutch
Half-hearted shaft
Gear change box
Selector, brakes and their operation
The drive control gearbox
Planetary mechanisms of rotation, and friction clutches
Drives for controlling planetary rotation mechanisms and on-Board clutches
Side gear

VII. Undercarriage

VIII. Electrical

equipment IX. Maintenance
Refueling the tank
Inspection of the tank
Engine start
Maintenance instructions

X. driving a tank

Format: 13x20 cm, 99 pages.

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