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Easy tractor Sd.Kfz. 10 DEMAG D7. The machine is fully in running condition, with all original units, from chassis to engine and instruments. Renovated private Studio in Germany.
The engine Maybach HL 42 TRKM and CAT also firm Maybach. Similar machines were on the Wehrmacht from 1939 until the end of the war.

Weight 3400 kg + load 1500 kg.
Pull the trailer 1000 kg, the maximum 2700 kg
The maximum speed of 65 km/h
Fuel consumption on the highway - 38 litres per 100km
Fuel consumption on the roads - 67 litres per 100 km
Tank - 115 litres
Length 4.74 meters

The location for this time: Germany. The possible importation into the Russian Federation.

The original.

You can pay in installments.

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