The plane "-2" from 1944. "2" restored in 2005, has many components and assemblies from this plane the date of issuance to determine exactly failed, but judging by the dash Board this aircraft did not have a generator (the first engines M-11). All mechanical devices (in working condition), air horizon made in 1942., the rest presumably the same way. All units and components are factory marks. The plane is powered with M-11 FR (160 HP). The second instrument panel has electrical appliances including VHF radio, as well as the second running back in the cabin. The elevators are mechanical trimers. In all probability it was a plane aerovodochody because he had dual controls and second panels, and the rear cockpit was equipped with appropriate equipment and operator. All wooden parts are made again according to the plant technology with the observance of all sizes. The aircraft is stable in flight, flying with the "thrown" management, steers well on the ground. Air release screw 1954. At the moment the plane flew for about 30 hours and has produced more than 150 landings. The aircraft is in good condition and stored in the hangar. There is documentation including flight and technical operation.

The original.

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