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The trailer for the anti-aircraft machine IF.5 MG WAGEN arr. 1936 with dual anti-aircraft installation Zwillingssockel 36” was used for the needs of defense. The frame number was found in the Tver region. Were recreated Board and other components parts. The total number of original parts does not exceed 45%. Twin anti-aircraft gun installation Lofette 36 had a circular sector of fire. Anti-aircraft tripod provided elevation angles from 14 to 73 degrees. The height of the line of fire from 360 to 1700-1800 meters On the machine were attached two MG-34 and cartridge boxes with ribbons 150 rounds. Control arm machine guns had a single trigger on the bracket was attached anti-aircraft ring sight. Installation had elevation angles from 10 to 90 degrees. The total number of issued MG WAGEN about 1,000. The trailers were actively used in the initial period of the great Patriotic war in the fight against enemy planes, and when firing at ground targets. There are restoration documents.
Good preservation.

The original.

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