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The helmet is a solid-forged sphere made of metal and overhead elements connected to the helmet sphere with rivets - a nanosheet, pommels and two sockets for attaching headdress decorations. The surface of the helmet is richly decorated with a fine relief national ornament, combining plant patterns with the use of a golden section. The lower edge of the helmet is framed by a chain-mail mesh - "barmitsa", which served to protect the neck and shoulders of the warrior. The helmet comes with an original shield and axe. The shield is a steel curved round base with a diameter of 45.5 cm. The shield is richly decorated in the same style as the helmet with national ornaments using a golden section. The center is equipped with a semi-circular lining framing figure overhead ornaments. On the reverse side of the shield, there are fasteners for fixing on the warrior's arm. The axe consists of a handle and an axe in the form of two crescents, symmetrically located relative to the central axis of the handle, with a four-sided tip in the center, connected to the tube by a faceted thickening. The handle is round in metal, with an oval knob at the end opposite the tip. Etched plant ornaments with Arabic script are applied on the axe. The length of the axe is 74.5 cm.

The safety is good.
Guarantee of authenticity.

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