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The blade is straight, dream catcher, with two wide valleys. Broken off in antiquity, preserved approximately one third of the estimated length.
Garda is a curved bottom plate polutorakratnogo section, decorated with Scandinavian ornament. It is made of twisted silver and copper wire, iron inlaid in the base. All available seats will be filled by mobile. The cross-hairs of this form appear in the middle of the eleventh century, when horse-chopping them easier to direct. At the ends of Garda viewed caused by mobile princely tridents, which indicates indisputably Russian origin of the subject.
The mushroom topping three-segment, decorated with Scandinavian ornament in a similar technique.
Origin: accidental discovery during excavation works in Vitebsk in the 1960-ies.
Dates from the second half of the XI century.
So ornate and expensive sword could belong to any of the Russian princes and was lost, most likely, on the battlefield in one of the many internecine clashes.
Has cultural, historical and artistic value.

The original, recommended!

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