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The armor protects the arm from elbow to wrist. Strongly curved metal plate(lakatnik) with velvet lining, outside is decorated in the technique of gold notches floral cartouches with inscriptions in Arabic(?). Equipped with a mitten, the upper part of which is made of kaljuzhnogo fabric, and the interior - leather, with the remainder of the tissue lining. The lower part of the armor(ceretec)
survive, consists of two narrow metal plates connected with location and together with kaljuzhnogo netting and has a leather lining. Closed naruki with buckles and straps, a fragment of which is preserved. Overall length - 50 cm Length lakatnik - 31,4 cm Width lakatnik from the elbow of 9.6 cm, from the side of the hand - 6,7 cm
Good preservation.

The original.

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