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The blade is concave-curved, single-edged, with some valley along the butt, with shaped brass plate on the heel, gradually turning into the handle. The wedge-shaped butt. In the Central part of the blade on the left side of the ornament, applied Golden chaff, on the right side of the blade - cartouche inscribed with verses of the Qur'an. A handle in the form of a bone made of walrus Tusk. Cheeks to createsa to the shank four bronze rivets, and a transverse plate with a patterned buttons. The scabbard is wood, covered in black leather with traces of existence. The threads of the seam that connects the skin on the inner side of the sheath reinforced with a spiral wire winding. Also on the inner side of the sheath over the mouth partially preserved paper tag with the inscription - "Tunisie 1869" ("Tunisia 1869"). The device sheath of metal, consists of the mouth and tip, decorated with sculpted image of a dragon's head. Good preservation.

Total length: 68 cm
Blade length: 53,2 cm

The original.

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