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The blade is made of Damascus steel, curved, single-edged, and military end-two-edges , no valleys, conic sections, with the front side on the first third is decorated with etched inscription in Gothic font in Spanish - "Coronel Francisco Da. Vargas". On the butt of the blade near the hilt has the mark of the manufacturer - "A. Herouard.Woirgard&Co. Lima", which may indicate an ordered execution of the subject of the Venezuelan masters. The tip of the blade shows signs of life. The hilt consists of a handle with a head and crosses with the crosshair. The handle has a characteristic curved shape, formed by two cheeks are made of white mother of pearl with fine carved pattern at the bottom and round the head. The ends of the cross braces. The cross is decorated with filigree ornament depicting griffins, swords, shields, Lear. The upper ends of the crosshairs disappear into the cheeks of the handle, the bottom enter into corresponding recesses in the sheath when inserted weapons. The device handle bronze. The sheath is also made of bronze. The device sheath consists of the mouth, nuts and a long tip. On the mouth, and the nut has a semi-movable ring for suspension. The device sheath decorated with floral ornaments in deep relief.
Good preservation.

Total length - 95 see
Blade length - 81cm.

The original.

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