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The blade steel, curved, single-edge, and military end-dream catcher , with three ranges of different lengths. The hilt consists of a handle with a head and crosses with the crosshair. The handle has a characteristic curved shape and ornate gold plated jewelry ornaments, colored enamels, red and blue semi-precious stones. The pommel is made in the form of a head jaws of the wolf. Also on the front side of the handle have a carved ivory oval insert. The ends of the cross braces. The crosshair is also decorated with filigree ornament depicting Oriental patterns. The sheath is made in the same style using colored enamels, semi-precious stones, jewelry, decor, oval bone plates, one of which is lost. The device of the sheath consists of a mouth, two nuts with collar and tip with the Shoe. On the details of the scabbard and handle are hallmarks silver sample"875". The subject is stocked with original box, trimmed in dark blue velvet.
Good preservation.

The total length of 92 cm
Blade length 75 cm.

The original.

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