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Each of the blades has a straight shape, a rhombic cross-section, is a dream catcher, not Dale. The device of the hilt comprises the guard and the handle. Garda made of brass, decorated on the front side relief depicting the head of a Chinese dragon. edge guard rounded and directed towards the handle. The handle is made of dark horns and has a barrel-like convex shape. The figural finial, decorated with figural ornament and symbol of longevity. The inner part of the handle is flat, which allows both blades easily be accommodated in the sheath at the same time. The sheath is made of lacquered wood. The device of the sheath consists of a mouth, two nuts and lug. The device of the scabbard is decorated in the same style as the instrument of Ephesus.
Good preservation.

Total length: 65cm
Blade length: 50 cm

The original.

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