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The publication in 2006 of the book "Tsuba - Legends on metal", devoted to the study of the main element of the Japanese sword frame, prompted the author to continue further study of other elements of the artistic frame. In this book, the reader is given a unique opportunity (for the first time in Russian literature) to get acquainted with the kozuka and kogai - two auxiliary tools included in the frame complex of Japanese edged weapons. Auxiliary tools (knives, awls, as well as cutlery fork and knife) accompany the cold (more often hunting) weapons of many peoples of the world. As a rule, these items themselves are not the object of separate study and collecting. Only Japan is an exception to this rule. Tsuba, Kozuka and kogai have "separated" from the blade and have been living an independent life in art for a long time. They can no longer be called purely applied sword elements, since they are made as an independent and self-sufficient piece of jewelry art. The frame of Japanese edged weapons is not just a beautiful design of the blade and scabbard, but a synthesis of jewelry art, exquisite design with the history and culture of an amazing country. The first part of the book contains information about the history of the origin, materials and technologies used in the manufacture of kozuka and kogai. The second part presents a catalog of kozuka and kogai from private collections in St. Petersburg. The comments on the subjects tell about the myths and legends of Ancient Japan, reflected on the surface of kozuka and kogai. The whole range of subjects depicting ancient heroes, inhabitants of the mythical and real world, fauna and flora of the Land of the Rising Sun, its customs, holidays and household items is widely presented. The accessible presentation and rich illustrative material make the book equally interesting both for specialists and for a wide range of readers who are not indifferent to the thousand-year history of the Japanese sword - the spiritual symbol of the samurai. Japanese poems are given in translation by V. Markova.

Publisher: "Atlant" 2009, St. Petersburg
ISBN 978-5 -98655-034-3
Circulation: 1500 copies.
Hardcover, 160 pages.
Format: 20.4 x 27 cm.

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