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For the first time in Russia, a book dedicated to the art of decorating Japanese edged weapons is published. The book presents the history of the origin and development of the schools of masters of the Japanese sword frame. A separate chapter discusses jewelry techniques, metals and alloys, as well as some aspects of the storage, restoration and collecting of details of the Japanese edged weapon frame. Special attention is paid to the legends and myths of ancient Japan, reflected in the details of the Japanese sword frame. The book is richly illustrated with items from private collections in St. Petersburg and is intended for a wide range of readers interested in Japanese culture and not indifferent to the beauty of the Japanese sword.

Publisher: Atlant, 2006
ISBN 5-98655-015-3
Number of pages: 328 pages.
Binding: Hard
Format: 26.8 x20.7 cm

The book is new, there are almost imperceptible scuffs on the cover.

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