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For the first time in Russia published a fundamental work on the history of the Japanese sword. Before all domestic publications on this topic were fragmented. The book is the result of 15 years of research by the author, who studied Japanese sources and real artifacts in the collections of the Armoury chamber of the Moscow Kremlin, the Military historical Museum of artillery, engineer and signal corps (Visavis), the Central naval Museum (CVM) and others, which are the basis of illustrative material in the book. Through science the science the author came to the comprehension of the ancient technology of forging. The art of forging tomaskovic steels studied with talented blacksmith gunsmith Vyacheslav I. Basov, respect and appreciation which has carried through the years. A. G. Bazhenov worked in the collections of leading Russian museums on the compilation of the catalogues of collections of Japanese weapons, has published a number of articles on Japanese weapons special topics in periodicals. The book is intended for military historians, Museum professionals, collectors and a wide circle of readers interested in the history of weapons. At the present time, the author published two works, developing the theme begun, - `Examination of Japanese sword (blade and frame). The determinant` and `the Making of a Japanese sword: raw materials, forging, hardening, grinding`.

Format: h cm
Cover: hard
Number of pages: 256

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