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The blade is straight, flat, odnomestniy, with one narrow Vale along the butt for the entire length of the blade.The device sheath is embossed with images of flowers and leaves Sakura on the spot engraved background. The handle is plastic, imitating the skin of a slope, which is typical of cutlasses made during world war II. The handle has a spiral groove, which wrapped twisted brass wire. The head of the arm is rounded, is decorated with a relief image of a flower and leaf of Sakura. At the bottom of the handle there is a sleeve decorated with dot engraved background. Cross-oval, with curved in different directions. On both sides of the junction are of an oval flat overlay(Sepp). All brass parts of the hilt are gilded. The scabbard of wood, gradually tapering to the end, covered with leather . At the mouth on both sides there are two rings for attaching the straps to the waist belt. One of the rings with traces of repair.
Good preservation.

Total length: 34 cm
Blade length: 23 cm

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