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The blade steel, Nickel-plated, dream catcher with two dales. There are minor losses Nickel-plated coating on the blade. On the heel is the mark of weapons company-"Carl Eickhorn, Solingen". The handle is made of white plastic with naneseny on both sides, traditional Latvian pattern. Metal device dagger and scabbard are made of gold-plated brass. On the cross, the swastika on one side and the coat of arms of Latvia. From the outside - on the mouth, shaped nut and the tip of the image of the pattern on the nut - the swastika. The wooden scabbard covered with brown leather. In the mouth there is a nut and ring.
Good preservation.

Total length - see 36,7
Blade length of 24.6 cm

The original.

Conducted art history expert certified expert of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Issued by the relevant documents.

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