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The blade steel, Nickel-plated, dream catcher with two dales. On the heel of the blade is the mark of the Armoury company "Carl Eickhorn, Solingen". The handle is made of white plastic with naneseny on both sides, traditional Latvian pattern and watermarks - "vertical stripes". Metal device dagger and scabbard are made of gold-plated brass, the gold remained at 80% on all surfaces of the cutlass. On the cross, the swastika on one side and the coat of arms of Latvia. From the outside - on the mouth, shaped nut and the tip of the image of the pattern on the nut - the swastika. The wooden scabbard covered with glossy brown skin, at the end of the scabbard leather is a little crushed, but not damaged.
Presents Dirk purchased directly in Latvia, from the family of a veteran.

Good preservation.

Total length - see 36,7
Blade length 24.5 cm.

The original.

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