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The blade is straight, double-edged, rhombic cross-section, Nickel-plated. On the heel is placed on the mark of the manufacturer "Carl Eickhorn Solingen". The handle is plastic, black, entwined with wire grooves. The top has a concave cylindrical sleeve. The head of the arm is made in the form of an openwork crown, which is screwed on the shank of the blade. The directional pad is molded together with the lower sleeve, a stylized image of the outstretched wings of the eagle. At the crossroads there is a release button dagger in its sheath. All brass parts of the gilded hilt. The wooden scabbard covered in black leather. The device of the scabbard without ornaments, brass, consists of the mouth, ability and tip, ending with a button. On obamite and the mouth has two rings for fastening straps of the harness. The device sheath is secured to the scabbard brass wire staples. All brass parts of the gilded scabbard.
Good preservation.

Total length: 38 cm.
Blade length: 25 cm

The original.

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