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Japanese bayonet arr. 1897 (type 30) for special marine rifle Type 99 system Arisaka. (wooden scabbard).
The bayonet to special marine rifle Type 99 is one of the variants of the bayonet sample 1897 to rifles and carbines system Arisaka Type 30, 38, 99 and interchangeable with them. As a separate model, it usually distinguished because of the specific sharpening the combat end. The bayonet is generally found in a sheath made of rubberized fabric, sometimes in a wooden sheath. Metal scabbard, often bundled with bayonets this model is probably a later replacement. Bayonets to special marine rifle Type 99 may differ from each other fine details, such as the shape or length of the sharpening of the blade, the thickness of the cross, the shape of the rivets on the handle.
The blade of the bayonet edged without valleys, fighting the end of the two-edges. The handle is formed by two wooden cheeks, fastened with two rivet shank. In the head of the handle T-shaped groove and a spring latch with internal spiral springs. Cross straight, with a ring to the barrel from the butt of the blade. The wooden scabbard.
The marking may be completely absent or limited by the stigma of naval Arsenal Toyokawa in the form of a star, placed on the anchor. Sometimes on the handle you can find a number of bayonet, usually made with white paint. The room can also be located on the sheath. Occasionally there are bayonets with additional stamps printed on naval bases.
Excellent condition.

Total length - 53 see
Blade length - 40 cm

The original.

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