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The steel blade, straight, flat, single-edge, no valleys, gradually narrowing to the apex, which is rounded, polished with a brass habaki. Cross flat, oval, with the ends slightly curved in different directions. Under the directional pad has an oval brass strip of the Sepp. All the details of the hilt is brass. The handle is wooden, upholstered in black leather Stingray- "same", with transverse grooves, which wrapped with twisted brass wire. The head of the arm is cylindrical, oval, with a broad, smooth girdle at the top, smoothly into the back, the edges of which are curved handle. At the bottom of the handle there is a cylindrical bushing in the middle of which is a button with a spring latch to lock the dagger in its sheath. The top head has a circular washer, through which is passed the shank end and ruslaan. On the back at the top there is a distinctive sign of Sergeant, non-commissioned officers and Junior officers - "twenty arrows or rays." The back of the handle and bushing without patterns. The steel scabbard. The device of the sheath consists of a narrow mouth, secured by two screws, and ability attached the neck strap ring belt.
Good preservation.

Total length: 45 cm
Blade length: 31.5 cm

The original.

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