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A miniature copy of the legendary personal weapons of a prominent leader of the Independence War of South America Jose de San Martin, with whom he passed all his battles, and the original of which is kept in the National Museum of Argentina. The blade is steel, curved, flat, Nistelrooy, without dolov, Oriental type, one side decorated with a floral ornament and the inscription - "General Jose de San Martin". On the heel of the blade the mark of the manufacturer - "Jofra". Efes consists of a handle with head and cross-piece with a crosshair. The handle has a distinctive curved shape, formed by two cheeks made of plastic, fastened to the shank of the blade from two plates. The ends of the crosspiece notched oval. The cross is decorated with twisted ornament. The upper ends of the crosshairs are recessed into the cheeks of the handle, the lower are received in corresponding recesses in the sheath, when embedded weapon. The device handle of the steel. The device sheath is composed of the mouth, nuts and a long tip with a stylized ring Shoe. Mouth and nut are movable rings for suspension. The subject is equipped with a braided lanyard with a brush and a cloth case for carrying and storage. The rope lanyard is broken.
Good condition.

Blade length: 43 cm
Overall length: 56 cm

The original.

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