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The sword likely belonged to a teenager from a noble family, which had not yet been put officer's sword and rank were ordered decorated soldier, which is rare.
A traditional blade for a saber, curved and single edge, with one wide fuller, combat end doesvery. The blade is decorated on both sides of the bluing (Camporana steel), etching, gilding, vignettes depicting military reinforcement. The heel of the blade is marked with the German hallmarks of the manufacturer - "Klingenstahl" and mark of the wizard "Corilaus Fieres". The hilt consists of a grooved leather handle and brass guard. Garda formed by three protective arms into the crossbar. The scabbard with two rings, all steel, Nickel plated with a protective Shoe.
Good condition.

Total length - 77 cm
Blade length - 65 cm

The original.

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