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The blade steel, a slight curvature, single-edged, with one wide valley. The blade on both sides by 1/3 decorated with images of military reinforcement, the monogram of the owner and the coat of arms under the Royal crown. The decoration of the blade is performed by etching using a technique of gilding. The blade butt decorated with gilding and labelled gunsmith (?). The hilt consists of a handle and brass guard. The handle is formed by two pearly cheeks, one of which is decorated with the monogram of the owner and two ornamented brass straps. The head of the handle in the form of a lion's head. Garda formed figured ornamented front shackle passing the crossbar. In the middle part of the cross brace strap. The end of crosses slightly bent down. The leather scabbard with brass instrument consisting of a mouth, ornamented nuts and tip. Shoe tip lost. On the mouth and nut are moving rings. The device hilt and scabbard richly decorated with relief ornament and covered perfectly preserved gilding.
Good preservation.

Total length - see 90,8
Blade length - 78 cm

The original.

Conducted art examination certified expert of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Issued by the relevant documents.

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