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Straight blade single-edge, with one us$. Fighting the end of the dream catcher. On the butt with a needle inscription: "M-d d'armes de Chat-t d-bre 1884 - Cav-rie legere Mle 1822 Cme 1883". The hilt consists of a handle and brass guard. The handle is covered with leather and is wound on the grooves of the thick twisted steel wire. At the top of the handle brass sleeve, on top of her oval convex head. Garda formed front shackle extending in an oval at the bottom of the Cup and two side arches on the outside. On the front shackle embossed control of a stamp: the letter a in the oval, the letter At the oval between the two stars. Ibid embossed production room 24989. The steel scabbard, with one nut with a ring and with the Shoe. The nut on the inner side embossed production room-41". There is a small dent on the bottom of the scabbard.
Very well kept.

The total length of 101.7 cm
Blade length 86 cm

The original.

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