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The Damascus blade, with a distinctive layered texture, curved, Oriental type, without valleys, with elmano at the end. On the heel of the blade visible mark of the wizard, in the form of four crescents. The hilt consists of a handle with a head and crosses with the crosshair. The handle has a characteristic curved shape, formed by two cheeks made of horn with lanyard hole in the round head. The ends of the cross braces. The cross is decorated with a simple floral pattern. The upper ends of the crosshairs disappear into the cheeks of the handle, the bottom go over the mouth of the scabbard, when they invested weapons. The device handle of the yellow metal. The scabbard is wood, covered with black leather. The device sheath consists of the mouth, nuts and a long tip. On the mouth, and the nut has a ring. The device sheath is decorated with geometric patterns in shallow relief.
Good preservation.

Total length - 98 see
Blade length - 81 see

The original.

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