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The blade is very massive, curved, single-edged, with one broad valley, combat end - two-edges, 1/2 decorated with floral ornaments and the image of the English coat of arms, the figure of the goddess of victory, the monogram of king George III - "ER". The image applied with the technique of gilding on the blue blued coating (blue). The hilt consists of a handle and crossguard. The handle is made of tight black leather wood with horizontal grooves, which covered twisted wire. The brass back is smooth. On the handle there is a small crack. At the base of the handle brass bushing. The top handle is made in the form of a lion's head. Garda brass with protective handle, which gradually becomes a symmetrical slotted Cup. The rear end of the Cup is slightly bent towards the blade. At the top of the arch of the Garda has a lanyard hole. On the shackle shown relpy monogram "ER" - the monogram of George III. The scabbard leather, patent leather with a brass instrument. The device sheath consists of the mouth with an oval peg, ability, two rings and the tip with the Shoe. Leather scabbard decorated with crushed ornament.
Good preservation.

Total length: 92 cm
Blade length: 76.5 cm

The original.

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