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The blade is straight, steel, single-edged, with a dale on each side, the combat end is double-edged. On the heel of the blade on one side is the brand of a well-known German manufacturer - " Weyersberg / Kirschbaum&Co. Solingen", on the other-the Argentine coat of arms and the inscription - "Modelo Argentino 1909", as well as the number - "A9469". The handle is formed by two wooden cheeks, fastened to the shank of the blade with two rivets. In the steel head there is a T-shaped groove and a spring latch with an internal spiral spring arrangement. Crosspiece with the end bent down, ending in a ball and a ring for the trunk. The scabbard is steel, blued with an oval peg and a ball at the end. On the mouth there is a number stamp with the same number - "A9469".
The bayonet is equipped with an original suspension.

Total length: 52cm
Blade length: 40 cm

An excellent state of condition.
The original.

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