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The steel blade, single edge, with one deep valley with both sides, shifted to the butt and wide beveled from the hilt to the blade fifth. From the front just above the heel has a maker's mark in the form of the letter "H". A shank attached to the handle vsadny way and additionally recorded three rows of paired small rivets. The handle is formed in two lacquered cheeks mahogany extending in the direction of the topping, which is enclosed in a cylindrical frame made of patinated white metal decorated with patterned front side plate with inserts of circular, convex stones green and red. On the top there is a small dent. The wooden scabbard, from the same wood as the handle, a cylindrical elongated shape. The device is a sheath made of white metal, consists of the mouth, nut and ferrule. Parts of the instrument on all sides richly decorated by stamping, overlays in the form of national patterns and accents of round green and red stones. Wellhead installed curly bracket the lock and twisted the chain for easy carrying on the belt. The scabbard also has two holes for storage of chopsticks.
A rare item.
Good preservation.

Overall length: 25.5 cm
Blade length: 13 cm

The original.

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