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The steel blade, slightly curved, hand forged, without dales, with visible wood pattern. Clearly visible wavy line quenching "Akiba carved jamon. "Habaki" made of copper and is a composite structure of two independent elements forming a unitary structure through the exact connection. Shank-"nikogo" is on the front side of stamped hieroglyphic signature ("Mei") blacksmith - "tango" but Kami Calamity"("Ruler of the land of tango Calamity"), and the inner side has an engraved stylized sestnactiletou chrysanthemum and the name of the material - "Nanban-Tetsu-Motte in core in kite" ("Forged with the use of "iron southern barbarians"). Tsuba rounded, slotted, made of iron and decorated with a picture of the battle scene at the foot of the historic pine clad in battle armor of warriors. Both sides to the "tsuba" adjacent oval plate "seppa", decorated with a scalloped edge around. Handle -"tsuka" is formed by two wood glued together parts having a coating granular structure which is characteristic of the skins of stingrays or sharks. The handle is oval in cross section, the through-hole fixing with a sword through the fastener - "mekugi". The handle is wrapped with brown cord. Both sides "tsuka" hosted relief overlay in the form of an image "sneaky dragon." "CY" wood, covered with black paint material with a glossy surface. Device "CY" consists of the mouth, staples and the tip. On top of the "saya" there is a ledge "kurigata" through which is threaded a dark brown cord "sgeo".
"Wakizashi" complete original case with tassels for storage and transportation, as well as rim -"Shira-saya".
There is an international certificate Society for preservation of Japanese art of the sword ("Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai")("NBTHK"), and the expertise of the Russian Federal service for supervision over observance of legislation in the field of protection of cultural heritage.
An excellent state of preservation.

Overall length: 76,5 cm
Blade length 48,6 cm

The original.

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