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The steel blade, slightly curved, hand forged, with one Dol shifted to the butt. Clearly visible wavy line quenching "Akiba carved jamon" type "gnome-midare". "Habaki" flat, made of alloy non-ferrous metals with a pattern of frequent vertical lines. Handle -"tsuka" is formed by two glued together wood pieces, covered with skin white scat "same". Shank "nikogo" signed by the master of the Amata Akitsugu. Amata Akitsugu is a recognized weapon contemporary artists, has won the highest title among the representatives of culture and art of the Japanese society - "Joe Mukai Bunkazai"(wealth of the nation in the sphere of non-material culture). The handle is oval in cross section, the through-hole fixing with a sword through the fastener - "mekugi".Both sides "tsuka" hosted relief overlay in the form of an image of a vegetative ornament. "CY" wood, covered with black paint material with a glossy surface and a drawing depicting the Japanese character. Device "CY" consists of the mouth, staples and the tip. On top of the "saya" there is a ledge "kurigata" through which the threaded oranjevy cord "sgeo". Interior: CY" have a niche for miniature knife "Cagatay". Blade "Cagatay" placed with its shank into the cavity "kogai" locked in her very little effort. On the blade caused bad read hieroglyphic symbols. The front side of the handle is decorated with a delicate pattern with household plot.
"Tanto" complete original case with tassels for storage and transportation and a wooden frame for the retention of the Syro-CY".
Unique blade from the legends of Japanese gunsmiths.
Good preservation.

Overall length: 40 cm

The original.

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