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The steel blade, slightly curved, hand forged, without Dale. Clearly visible straight line quenching "Akiba" pattern - "jamon" . "Habaki" made of copper and covered with gold leaf and decorated with a pattern of diagonal linear texture. Shank-"nikogo" includes an opening "mekugi-Ana" and has minted hieroglyphic signature ("Mei") blacksmith. Handle -"tsuka" is formed by two wood glued together parts having a coating made from the skin of Stingray - "same" white. The handle is oval in cross section, the through-hole fixing with a sword through the fastener - "mekugi". Both sides "tsuka" relief overlay placed also in the form of years of a flower. "CY" wood, covered with black paint material with a glossy surface. Device "CY" consists of the mouth, staples and the tip. On top of the "saya" there is a ledge "kurigata" through which threaded black cord "sgeo". Interior: CY" have a niche for miniature knife "Cagatay". There are minor chipped paint on the scabbard.
Very well kept.

Blade length 40 cm

The original.

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