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The steel blade, slightly curved, hand forged, with one us$. Clearly visible wavy line tempering of the blade Hamon pattern "cury-ha". Tsuba figure rounded, slotted, made of copper and bokuto adorned with a repeating floral ornaments. Habaki is made of copper. The handle is wooden, connected with the shank bamboo mekugi, upholstered with red skin same and braided cotton black tape under the tape inserted trim, menuki in the form of a figure of a man with a fan in his hands. Futi decorated with gold relief figures of fish and fishing rods. On the pommel of "everywhere" also features a decoration in the form of several men. saya is wooden, covered with a glossy black finish. The device saya consists of the mouth, staples and the tip. The upper part saya wrapped in red sageo.
There is an international certificate Society for preservation of Japanese art swords("NBTHK") on the blade and futi/everywhere.
An excellent state of preservation.

Blade length 73.8 cm

The original.

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