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The coat made of dark blue high-quality silk fabric, is then sent to cut two long, wide tails back and cropped above the waist in the front. The single breasted coat is fastened on nine shaped buttons. Buttoned readable embossed monogram with the letter "W" under the crown - the monogram of king Wilhelm I of württemberg. Cuff straight, collar straight, erect. Cuffs and sleeves decorated officer embroidery with gold and silver thread. On the shoulders of the tunic has loops for epaulette.
There are slight traces of latkes and storage.
Good condition.

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Сергей Гаврилов 06.10.2021 в 16:25

звоните обсудим ваш вопрос 8 495 6011212

Иван Иванов 29.09.2021 в 22:14

Здравствуйте.  Ещё раз спрошу,Торг есть на данный лот?
Мне он интересен.

С уважением,Вячеслав.  

Иван Иванов 26.09.2021 в 23:01

Торг есть?

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