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The blade is custom made of Damascus forged steel, dagger type, with a pronounced central rib, straight, double-edged. The heel of the blade is marked with a relief gilded brand of the company - in the oval "Carl Eickhorn, Solingen", the shank of the blade is marked with a stamped brand - "Damast" and a technological number. On the front side, the blade is decorated with a relief, gilded inscription "Alles fur Deutschland" (All for Germany) framed with oak leaves. The handle is made of boiled and painted in maroon cherry wood. The handle handle has an emblem in the form of an imperial eagle mounted in the center and an enamel insert with the SA emblem in the lower part. The device handles, namely the lower and upper guards, are made of silvered white metal, decorated on both sides with relief images of oak leaves and acorns. Inside the guards are marked with numbers.
The scabbard device, made of silvered white metal, consists of a mouth with a ring and a tip with a ball, decorated with stamped frames repeating the contour. The metal scabbard is covered with brown granular leather.
The original leather suspension is fixed on the ring of the mouth.
An extremely rare specimen.

Total length - 34.7 cm
Blade length - 22.2 cm

The safety is good.

The dagger is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from a fairly well-known seller from the EU.

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Какая цена данного предмета ?

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Добрый вечер, разрешите узнать цену?

Felikss Haidukovs 15.02.2022 в 21:32

Цена? Доставка в Латвию?

Александр 10.02.2022 в 19:32

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