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The original commercial directory of well-known German manufacturer of knives Carl Eichorn - "Eickhorn Kundendienst" ("Customer service Ahora") is a unique reference source for any collector of swords of the third Reich. The directory is an album format - h cm, solid dark oranjevoy rag cover, allowing it to maintain it in its original form, with gold embossed trademark of the manufacturer - "Original Eickhorn. Solingen" and the title on the main page. The catalog is divided into sections on bladed products company for a particular service or armed forces. For quick search section on the right side there is a rectangular colorful bookmarks with their names: army, air force Lufilufi, Navy Kriegsmarine, the Employment service, the Police and Justice service, Fire service, Rangers and Forestry, Customs and Railway services, Party services (SA, NSKK, NCFCA, SS, Hitler youth, DRC,teno, RLB, Diplomatic service), Versions of the stories etching, and a separate tab with the manufacturing costs and additional services. All samples weapons presented in color or black and white photographs and sketches.
Good preservation.

The original.

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