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Blade steel, straight, duesbery, rhombic cross-section, Nickel-plated, with two valleys, two sides decorated with etched depicting floral ornament and marine fittings (anchor entwined with a rope). On the heel of the blade are distinguishable the mark of the manufacturer - "P. Weyersberg & Co, Solingen". In the center of the joint to a button spring latch striker Dirk in the scabbard. The handle is oval, barrel-shaped, wooden, covered with white plastic. The spiral groove the handle is wrapped with steel wire. Head hilt made in the form of an eagle, holding in the paws a wreath with a swastika. The brass scabbard, with two rings, two Obamacare and mouth, decorated with simple floral ornament. The cutlass is equipped with the original silver marine knot.

Total length: 42 cm
Blade length: 25 cm

Good condition.

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