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The blade is made of forged laminated Damascus steel, straight, double-edged, rhombic section, with two lobes. On the heel of the blade on the front side there is a stamped brand of the manufacturer - the head of a knight in a helmet (Weyesberg Kirschbaum & Co, Solinge), on the reverse side there is a brand - two crossed swords and the letters "G.B. & S.". The shank of the blade is marked with technological stamps. The device has a cast handle, made of gilded brass. The handle handle is made of ivory, barrel-shaped, oval in cross-section, spirally wrapped with a groove in which a twisted brass wire is embedded. The handle head is made in the form of a slotted German imperial crown. The crosshair is made in the form of a rectangular block, which is decorated on both sides with a relief image of an anchor wrapped with a rope, on the front side there is a button for fixing the dirk in the scabbard. The ends of the crosspiece are cone-shaped, resemble capstans - devices on the deck of a ship for winding anchor chains. An oval flat brass washer is installed under the crosshair, and a spring latch is riveted to the blade shank under it. The scabbard is completely brass, covered with gilding, decorated along the entire length with oak leaves and an ornament resembling scales. The scabbard device has a mouth and two decorated overhead nuts with rings for mounting the suspension. The tip of the scabbard is made in the form of an oval. The gilded coating on the hilt and the device of the scabbard has not been completely preserved.
A very rare performance.

Total length: 35.5cm
Blade length: 23.2 cm
Heel width: 1.8 cm

The safety is good.

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