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Blade steel, straight, duesbery, rhombic cross-section, Nickel-plated, with two valleys, two sides decorated with etched depicting floral ornament and marine fittings (anchor entwined with a rope). On the heel of the blade delivered the mark of the manufacturer - "Carl Eickhorn, Solingen". In the center of the joint button spring latch striker Dirk in the scabbard. The handle is oval in cross-section, barrel, wood, upholstered in blue leather. The spiral groove of the hilt entwined with gold wire. Head hilt made in the form of a ball with floral ornament. The brass scabbard, with two rings, two Obamacare and mouth, decorated with simple floral ornament.
Dirk bought the family a veteran of the red army and belongs to the category of rare daggers of the Third Reich. An example of this dagger is given in the third volume of the book T. Johnson - "German Daggers of WWII" on page 722.

Total length - 40 cm
Blade length - 28 cm

The safety is good.

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