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The blade is steel, straight, double-edged, of rhombic cross-section, the factory polishing has been preserved almost perfectly. The heel of the blade is marked with the etched brand of the manufacturer - "W.K.S. Solingen (Weyesberg Kirschbaum & Co, Solingen). The handle is round in cross section, made of black stained wood, in the center there is an enamel emblem of the RLB of the first type, Gothic letters are filled with blue hot enamel, the radiance is covered with silver. The handle device consists of a pommel and a guard. The guard is straight, the central part has a thickening, on the front side there is a large imperial eagle of the RLB (Reichluftschutzbund) organization. The device of the scabbard and handle is made of white nickel-plated metal and polished. The scabbard device is made similarly to the handle made of white metal coated with nickel and polished, consists of an upper mouth and a tip. The central part of the scabbard is metal, painted with factory black lacquer. Attached to the upper part of the scabbard is a movable triangular ring and a leather suspension with a carabiner.

The total length is 35.1 cm .
The length of the blade is 22.1 cm .

The safety is good.

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