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The blade is steel, straight, double-edged, hexagonal, with a wide dale for half the length of the blade, nickel-plated. On the heel of the blade there is a rare etched brand of the manufacturer - "F. & A. Helbig GAEFLER, Steinbach" and a stamp of military acceptance, at the base of the blade there is a leather damper pad made of blue leather. The handle is wooden, covered with dark blue leather and intertwined with double twisted wire along the transverse grooves. The entire metal handle device is made of so-called frosty oxidized aluminum. The pommel of the sword is decorated on both sides with a large relief medallion depicting swastikas in yellow oxidation, and an engraved pattern of oak leaves is applied on the end surface. The guard is a schematic representation of wings pointing towards the blade, in the center there is a small medallion with the image of swastikas in yellow oxidation, repeating the style of the pommel.
The scabbard is steel, covered with dark blue leather, the device is made similarly to the handle of the so-called frosty oxidized aluminum, consists of a lower end cap and an upper mouth with two rings on which a leather suspension with a ring for attaching to the uniform is fixed.

Total length - 90.2 cm
Blade length - 72.5 cm

The safety is good.

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