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Dagger traditional forms of the nineteenth century, the blade richly etched with gilding and bluing (Camporana steel). The blade is steel, curved, duesbery, wide-Dol, branded with the mark of the manufacturer - P. Knecht, Solingen. Efes consists of a handle with a white horn plates and crosses are made of yellow gold plated metal and decorated with a figure of a flying pheasant. The scabbard is wood, covered with patent leather, the instrument is made of yellow potorochenko metal. To the outside of the sheath has a slot for a small knife Skinner. Knife Skinner made in the same style as the dagger itself.
Good condition, there are traces of existence.

Total length - 68 cm.
Blade length - 54 cm
Skinner length - 21 cm

The original.

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