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The blade is straight, steel, double-edged, flat, decorated on both sides with etched cartouches with ornaments and images of hunting scenes. On the heel of the blade there is a stamped brand of the manufacturer - "Z" in the shield (Clemen & Jung, Solingen). The hilt consists of a guard, a decorative shield in the form of a shell, a horn handle and a pommel with a screw. The hilt device is made of brass. The crosspiece is formed by two symbolic paws of a boar with hooves pointing one side towards the pommel and the other towards the blade. The handle is made of deer horn, solid, decorated with three brass acorns on the front side.
The scabbard is wooden, covered with black leather, a thickening is made in the upper part to insert a skinner knife. The scabbard device consists of a mouth with a peg in the form of an acorn and a tip. Included with the dagger is a small auxiliary skinner knife.

Total length: 57 cm
Blade length: 42 cm

The safety is good.

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