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The blade steel, dream catcher, with one wide Vale, half long embellished bilateral figured bluing, gilded ornament depicting a hunting fittings, etched with the plot of duck hunting and deer. The hilt consists of a guard and handle. Garda steel, gold plated, vertical. The ends of the guard rounded and directed up and down from the blade. The Central part is decorated with relief ornaments of leaves. Between the spider and the blade is also ornamented sleeve with decorative sitecom c embossed pattern deer hunting. The handle is formed by two Horny plates that are fixed on the shank of the blade with three gilt buttons and bottom of the sleeve. Bushing on the front side is decorated with the head of a boar. Prominent edge of the shank is also ornamented. The scabbard is wood, covered in black leather. The device sheath is made in the same style as the device handle, gold plated, decorated with a hunting armature consists of: the mouth with ring, compartments to store small knife nut with the second ring and the tip. The mouth has a trim figure with a raised crown. Auxiliary knife also has a horn handle. Judging by the rich decoration of the dagger belonged to a noble man and passionate hunter.
An excellent state of preservation.

Overall length: 76 cm
Blade length: 62 cm

The original.

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