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The steel blade, straight, dream catcher, at the toe of the flat sides with ornate etched with scenes of hunting and subtle floral ornament. On the heel of the blade from the front side there is a brand known manufacturer of bladed weapons - "Alcoso. Solingen". The crosshairs of the handle is steel, with rounded ends pointing in different directions, decorated with the ornament of oak leaves, made in deep relief. In the center of the crosshairs from the outside fixed decorative oval Mitic, which shows a large swastika and not closed wreath of oak leaves . The handle is horn, mounted on the shaft of the blade vsadny way. On the handle from the outside is installed trim emblems hunting Association. The pommel of the handle is steel, round shape, decorated in the same style as all other parts of the instrument and avancena decorative screw, stylized acorn. The scabbard is wood, covered with dark green leather, with steel appliance, consisting of a mouth with a tongue in the form of an acorn and tip with a ball on the end. All the elements of the device of the hilt and scabbard are well preserved original silver coating.
Very well kept.

Overall length: 43 cm
Blade length: 35.5 cm

The original.

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