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Blade straight, steel, duesbery, without dolov, with the two sides decorated with etched ornaments depicting hunting scenes. On the heel of the blade delivered the mark of the producer "Carl Eickhorn, Solingen". The hilt consists of the crossguard, hilt, and a decorative shield in the form of shells. The device of the hilt is made from brass and gilded. Cross formed a protective arc directed from one side towards the top, and the second in the opposite direction, a short part of the cross is made in the form of a boar's hoof. The handle is formed by two side cheeks of the antlers. On the cheeks from the two sides of the bronze plates in the form of acorns. The scabbard is wooden, covered with black leather. The device sheath is composed of the mouth with the peg because of the acorn and tip with a ball.
The safety is good.

Total length: 45 cm
Blade length: 33 cm

The guarantee of authenticity.

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